How To Tame Your Kids Tantrums

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How To Tame Your Kids Tantrums

how to Tame Your Kids Tantrum

Who doesn’t love to see cute little munchkins, roaming around, playing, doing things which bring out the aww moment. But your toddler sometimes gets into a phase which can be difficult to handle. Throwing tantrum is a way of showcasing frustration, and anger. How do you control these fit of tantrums? 

Understanding the triggers

Firstly, as parents one thing to keep in mind is, that as a toddler your child may not be able to express everything verbally. So as a parent you should try to understand their tantrum triggers. Once you know the cause, try to divert their attention. Take them away from the situation, the trigger which caused it. Once you know the reason for the tantrum, next time you can stop before it happens.

Let Them Cry

It is absolutely alright for your child to be sad and even cry sometimes. I know the tears are priceless but do let them come out. It is one way of venting out their sadness, anger. Stay close and observe their behaviour. However, if you fear they might hurt themselves or someone else. Make them understand that throwing things around can hurt them, or their loved ones.

Stay Calm

Kids learn a lot from their parents. So next time your kid throws a tantrum, do not shout or spank them. This will only make  matters worse. Instead calmly handle the situation. Show your kid what self-control is.

Appreciate Your Child

In certain situations, your child not only requires attention, but they also crave for appreciation, some loving words, a nice hug. Your love and appreciation even for small feats go a long way in your child’s development.

Dedicate Your Time

The most important thing – Take time out for activities together. Yes, they play with toys, have friends. However, it is equally important for a parent to be involved in your toddlers’ activities. Play with them. These are their growing years, and kids this age grasp a lot of things. Perfect time for you to teach things to your child. Be innovative and choose games/activities that will be fun as well as a learning experience.

As a parent, I am sure you must be having a few more ways to deal with tantrums. So, try things which work best for your kid.

Happy Parenting.

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