5 Best Solution To Beat Bed Wetting In Toddlers & Older Kids

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5 Best Solution To Beat Bed Wetting In Toddlers & Older Kids

5 Best Solution To Beat Bed Wetting

At the outset, please note Bedwetting is neither a CRIME nor is a DISORDER. It is absolutely normal for kids above 3 years of age to wet bed. It is a common problem in childhood. Approximately 5%–10% of all 7yearold regularly wet their beds.

As per Indian Journal of Nephrology,” Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, refers to the unintentional passage of urine during sleep”.

If you are a young parent seeking bedwetting solutions for your child, the key points for you to ponder upon are:


The signal to the brain that the bladder is full, is either not received by brain or it is ignored by the kid (considering the age).


The child is really undergoing a Urinary Tract Infection or other bladder related illness which needs an expert’s advice such as medical help.


Please note Bedwetting is common amongst toddlers. If your toddler has shown occurrences of bedwetting, please DO NOT PANIC.  Don’t abuse your child for the same. Please observe the urinary pattern, the diet, the daily schedule (food, sleep, hobby, play) etc.


Bed Wetting In Toddlers

As an involved and understanding parent, the first and primary step to take is:

1. Inclusiveness:

Include the toddler and siblings in the house for management of bedwetting. Include the househelp, caretakers in management of bedwetting problems in child. Parents should counsel the siblings, adults and caretakers in the house present to deal with the toddlers bedwetting issue and ensure there is no bullying or abusing occurrences at home/residential complex to prevent bedwetting in toddlers.

2. Be Vigilant:

The parents, at the outset need to be research oriented to figure out the exact root cause of bedwetting. It has many factors included such as genetics, bladder dysfunction, psychological factors or others. Before jumping to any conclusions, parents need to create a journal and track the daily regime of the toddler and carry out a line item by line item check on BEFORE/AFTER situations of Bedwetting.

3. Encouraging in ‘Self-Care’:

Please note “Bedwetting is not anyone’s fault”. It is neither a parenting flaw nor the child’s laziness. Encourage your child by being more active and caring for him/herself. Cultivate a habit of ‘Self-Care’ in the child at this tender age by talking to him/her about his/her body parts, his/her daily regime and how it benefits him/her.  Encourage your child to take charge of his body by listening to him/herself. Teach them to be receptive to their body signals.

4. Frequency Volume Chart/Voiding Diary:

As a parent, please maintain a frequency volume chart of your kid’s urination such as:

How many times in a day he/she pee? What is the frequency/ Intervals it occurs? The bladder flow and pattern during day/night

5. Sleep Talk:

Sleep talk is an effective method of an effective parenting. An affirmative sentence such as “my baby has a dry night” must be whispered in his/her ears by the parent for consistently longer duration of time(from 3 weeks-52 weeks) once the toddler is in a deep sleep. This works as a positive vibration inside his/her body system and helps prevent bedwetting in toddlers.


If you had a dry bed until your child turned 6/8/10… and suddenly you witness bedwetting in your school going kid, then as a parent, you need to essentially look at the recent changes in the social, emotional and mental health of your child and then consider medical help.

Bedwetting In Older Children

KEY POINTS TO PONDER upon being a parent of older child (age 6-12) is:

1. Weather conditions:

During winters, lot of fluid intake before 3-4 hours if bed can cause bedwetting. Also kids are lazy to get out of bed in the night hours for urination and they bedwet. Room Temperature needs to be maintained.

2. Emotional state of being before going to bed:

Not a major point as considered by parents but a kid rates this point very highly in his/her mind. Please ensure a child does not go to bed in a cranky mood, or observes/listens the parents fight in another room, has watched a horror movie..all this certainly results for disturbed emotional state of the child and thereby Bedwetting occurs. NEVER SPANK/WHACK the kid at night.

3. Gratitude journal/ diary writing:

Diary writing is a better solution to raise a young adult confidently. Also, gratitude journal as a part of Parent-child bonding activity can be initiated and practiced. Daily 2 pointers in a day to express gratitude towards your elders, god creates a positive aura before sleep and that helps combat the negativity, fear or any other evil vibe.

4. Prayer:

Ensure your child has a regular routine of praying to GOD after bath/ at lunch (all meals)/at night that shall help build a positive aura and keep him/her guarded.

5. Positive Affirmations:

Can be practiced by you and your child (either chanting or writing) helps build the “POWER OF BELIEF” and as it is said in Indian mythology ”TATHASTU” works, it shall work.

Bedwetting is just a phase that will pass on. Be an involved and effective parent to combat it.

Happy Parenting!!!

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