10 Best Potty Training Tips

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10 Best Potty Training Tips

Best Potty Training Tips For Kids and Toddlers

Training your little one in the right time for potty is a must. The sooner you train the better it is, I trained my son when he was 1.4 years, not bad right? I agree, the days were tough to train, but finally, we were successful. You need a lot of patience for training your baby.

Wonder how we use to do potty without the diapers? If our parents would not have trained us at an early stage, days would have been much painful for them. Yes, we too should understand that incorporating a habit takes time. After all our kids are very small to understand us.

So, today in my blog, I am going to give you 10 best potty training tips that you can easily try for your kiddo. Let’s take a look on them:

1. Use of A Potty Training Seat:

Potty Training Seat

The potty training seats are much common and are readily accepted by many of the babies. Although my baby took much time to adjust to it, you never know yours may readily accept it. But, you need to make sure that the potty training seat is of your baby’s size and he/she is comfortable seating on it. Normally babies by their age of 1.5 years can seat without any support and at that time, it’s the best to help them train in it.

2. Use Of Toilet Seats:

Potty Training Seat For Kids and Toddlers

Another way you can train your baby to poop is by using the toilet seats. These seats are easily available in the market and can be attached above the normal western style toilet. It is much easy and portable, and you won’t have much of a difficulty in carrying with you while traveling. Few of my friends have tried this way to train their babies and it did work out well for them.  

3. Hold Your Baby On Your Legs:

Hold Your Baby On Your Legs For Potty Training

My maid used to try this out to my son. She made him sit on her legs as if he is sitting on a potty seat and underneath kept a paper to clean later. Well, it did not turn out good in my case. But maybe for you, it can work well. give it a try! Moreover this is an Indian style of doing potty.

4. Use Of Signs And Sounds to Communicate:

Use Of Signs And Sounds to Communicate for potty training

Communication has always played a key role to make babies understand you. Make signs and symbols to your baby which he/she can easily understand while doing poo and pee. A very common practice is to make the sound, something like “Hssssss” so that the baby pees well. Moreover, you can also show him to poo by showing him where he needs to poop. Eventually, your baby is sure to understand you and adopt it.

5. Use Your Arms To Help Baby Poop:

Using your hands and arms to help your baby poo

Using your hands and arms to help your baby poo or pee is also another very common practice. Bend a bit, hold your baby in your arms and make your baby comfortable so that he/ she can easily poop and pee. My maid says in this way also, training them is very effective.  

6. Show Them Examples By Pretending:

pretend play potty training

This is one example which I too think works wonders. As we all know, babies learn much faster when sighted examples in front of them. I know, it sounds odd, but you can set an example for your baby by pretending frequent visit to the toilet.  He/She is sure to adopt fast by imitating you. You can help them understand position and the way of sitting through pretend play.

7. Show Videos:

Yes, I mean it!. Showing them videos on how to use the potty is one effective way to train them. Babies learn much fast when they see it. My baby follows whatever we do and whatever he sees.

8. Make Visit At Regular Intervals:

potty Training At Regular Intervals

This is one tip which will surely work for you. Yeah, it did work for my son. I used to make him visit the washroom frequently and make him play with water spray or tap where he can do some sit-ups. Doing this increases bowel movement which in turn makes child pee or poo. Normally every mom knows their kid’s pee time interval, and so I did. I used to take my baby to the toilet after every 30 mins irrespective of whether he wants to pee or not but at least the baby will come to know that this is the only place where he/she has to do this process.

9. Turn The Potty Time to Fun:

Turn The Potty Time to Fun

Make your baby do potty and give them something interesting to hold. Maybe a book full of cartoons, flowers, trains, butterflies or anything that interest your kiddo. This will help them sit in one place for some time and in the process, will be trained.

10. Use Training Pants:

potty training pants

These training pants can only be used when your baby is fully trained to use the toilet. Once he is comfortable, you can use these pants to be on the safe side so that if it happens to leak, the pant can hold the urine as the pant has a thick pad in the middle. 

What More Should You Know While Potty Training?

Training your kiddo is not just a day’s task. You need to be extremely patience in the process. Here are few more tips which you need to follow for a quick learn out for your kid.

  • You baby would not poo or pee on the very first day. Make frequent visits to the toilet seat or the potty seat.
  • Encourage him/her to sit on it and say few encouraging words with a loving tone.
  • Never make bad facial expressions while he tries to pee or poo.
  • Yes, you need to be very attentive in the whole process.

Extremely Important Points To Remember While Potty Training Your Kid:

Maintain The Hygiene

Along with all these best potty training tips, it is extremely important that you maintain the hygiene in the house. You can stick this above chart in your toilet and make them learn while they are busy in doing potty. 

Few things you need to remember while training your baby:

  • Clean the potty seat or the potty pot with disinfectant.
  • Clean the surface too with disinfectants to clean the area where there may be any split in the process.
  • Wash the pants or dress to avoid germs.
  • Always make your kiddo wash his hands and legs after poo so that it grows to be a habit from an early stage.
  • Also, washing the toys with disinfectants daily helps a lot in keeping germs free.

You are sure to succeed. Do not be in a hurry. Every baby is special and takes its own course of time in everything they do. Your kid too is sure to lean to potty with the best training tips that you would provide. All the best momma. Happy potty training!

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