Who Decides Your Child’s Gender – Mother Or father?

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Who Decides Your Child's Gender - Mother Or father?

Who Decides your Child's Gender

Once you get pregnant, the immense happiness knows no bounds. The whole duration of pregnancy involves innumerable testing, checking, and maintaining a healthy diet and so on. But the most exciting part is the inquisitiveness regarding the gender of the baby. It is obvious for the parents to get curious about it.

Who decides your child’s gender – Mother or father? What exactly determines a baby’s gender is a great subject to discuss. According to Medical Science, it is the father’s sperm that mainly determines the gender of the baby. The sperm can make a boy or a girl depending upon the fact that which sperm reaches the egg first.

The Science Of X And Y Chromosome

An interesting part of the study of gender determinism is the combination of chromosomes in male and female. The father has both X and Y chromosomes while the mother has two X chromosomes. A mother is only able to make an egg with XX chromosomes whereas the father can make sperm with both X and Y chromosomes.

Science Of X and Y Chromosome

 In the race of reaching the egg, if the sperm carrying the X chromosome wins, then the couple would have a girl and if the sperm with Y wins, then the mother would deliver a boy. It is the same reason most of the couple gets baby of the same gender again and again.

Lifestyle Of The Parents

It is an incredible factor that even the lifestyle of the parents determines the child’s gender. Research says that mothers who added more cereals to their diet had given birth to boys than those who had a lesser intake of cereals. So basically it is the nutritional supplements that empower the eggs to get fertilized.

Predict Your Baby's Gender

1. Concept of the Ultrasound testing

Although there are some typical myths about identifying the unborn baby’s gender, it is always a safe and authentic way to find it out by medical procedure. Ultrasound or testing is the best way on which today’s doctors rely on. This ultrasound prediction method is carried out by the doctors usually between the 18th and 22nd weeks of the pregnancy period. 

ultrasound gender prediction

Sometimes it is difficult to make a correct prediction as the baby might not appear in a favorable position to allow the doctor to see the required signs. Doctors, in such cases, repeat the process. Determining the gender of twins is even more challenging as the siblings are often found to hide under each other.

In India, sex determination is illlegal but it is seen mostly practised in many other countries. Indian government does not encourage gender determination.

2. Sign to Determine the Gender Accurately

According to the doctors, there are some typical signs which clearly represents the sex of the unborn child. Here is a list of such signs:

  • The Presence of a Penis: Although the size of the penis of the fetus would be very tiny, however, the experienced doctors are able to identify the same in the ultrasound photos. If there is a penis found in the images, then there you go!  It is a baby boy!
  • The Turtle and Hamburger Signs: During the examination of the genital parts of the unborn baby, if the doctor finds a turtle sign, then it is a boy. If the genital area shows a hamburger sign with the clitoris, then it’s a baby girl.
  • Facial Shape: Another way of identifying the genes is through the facial shape. If the skull and jaw appear square, then it might be a boy. On the other hand, if the shape appears round and spherical, then there is a possibility to be a girl.

3. Genetic Testing

In order to find out any genetic abnormalities or disorders such as Down’s syndrome, doctors preferably do the genetic testing somewhere during the early weeks of pregnancy. This process is called amniocentesis. This examination usually carried out with the amniotic fluid where some of the unborn baby’s cells are present.

Is Gender Prediction Method Really Accurate?

Well, although medical science has proven to be accurate in the physical world, however, there is always something on which you have no control. Moreover, the invisible parts of the fetus, twins hiding under each other, difficulties of accurate testing due to obesity, etc are some of the reasons which might lead to inaccurate information regarding the gender. 

Whether it is a girl or a boy, it is nothing but a bundle of joy. All they desire is unconditional love. Nurture them and allow them to grow up not because they need you, but because it is the smile of these Angels which makes your life meaningful. And yes, congratulations and all the very best for your baby! Enjoy parenthood!

Happy Pregnancy!!!

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