Miscarriage- Causes and Prevention

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Miscarriage- Causes and Prevention

Miscarriage- Causes and Prevention

Conceiving and then coming to know that you are pregnant is one of the greatest feeling’s life can ever give. And to be able to give birth is nature’s biggest gift to a woman. Undoubtedly the pregnancy term is the most critical period for a woman. But at times this excitement of pregnancy turns into a nightmare with miscarriage. It is popularly said that about 10-25% of pregnancies can end in miscarriage also known as spontaneous abortion. Hence it is always better to be well informed about miscarriage causes and its symptoms so that you can take care of yourself much better. So, in this blog you will find all the important types and symptoms of a miscarriage.

Nothing can really prepare a mother for the loss of a child be it born or unborn. It is not just a physical pain but also a mental pain that leads to depression in many. For me too, it was only with the support of my family and friends that I was able to brave the miscarriage that I suffered from my first pregnancy. It is said that the miscarriage rate is very high in the early stages of pregnancy. But, do not worry, it is better to know the details so as to take preventative measures.

What does miscarriage actually mean?

Miscarriage means the spontaneous loss of pregnancy within the first 20 weeks after conception. It is the most common type of pregnancy loss that is experienced throughout the world.

Here are some signs and miscarriage symptoms that you can keep a lookout for and contact health care personnel immediately;

1. The first sign to watch out for is abdominal pain and miscarriage cramps which can keep repeating periodically or be continuous. If this comes too often, miscarriage chances can be a reason for trouble knocking. Better to check with your doctor without any further delay.

2. Bleeding with bright red discharge or pink mucus. (Brown discharge or spotting is often seen in miscarriage early pregnancy but should not be dismissed if the discharge is heavy).

3. Miscarriage discharge of tissue clots.

4. Painful contractions in the early part of pregnancy that occur every 5-20 minutes.

5. If you see weight loss in yourself, then it’s a bit concern. A pregnant woman always gains weight.

6. If you encounter a sudden or gradual decrease in pregnancy symptoms.

What are the different types of Miscarriages?

Types of miscarriage

There are five different miscarriage types that are recognized medically. Below are the details of it.

  • Complete Miscarriage: In a complete miscarriage the embryo and all the contents of the uterus clear out. Also, bleeding along with the miscarriage pain of contraction subsides early. But it is always better to have a scan to confirm the miscarriage or have a D&C to clear out any remnants of the pregnancy.
  • Incomplete or inevitable miscarriage: This form of miscarriage is rather painful and lasts for much longer. The main symptom is the abdominal or back pain which is accompanied by heavy to mild bleeding. An incomplete miscarriage also results in the dilation of the cervix with possible rupture of membranes.
  • Missed miscarriage: In the missed miscarriage there is embryonic death without the tell-tale signs of abdominal pain or bleeding. It often occurs without the knowledge of the expecting mother and can be determined only with an ultrasound which shows the absence of a fetus. Regular blood test if conducted during the pregnancy term will show the gradual decrease of the HCG content in the blood.
  • Threatened miscarriage: A threatened miscarriage may or may not always result in the loss of pregnancy. Some amount of bleeding does occur in the first trimester for some women. It may also be accompanied by mild cramps. The cervix in this case remains closed.
  • Recurrent miscarriage: This is very rare and occurs in about 1% of couples. If three or more consecutive pregnancies are lost to miscarriage in the trimester it is termed as recurrent.

Here are few of the Miscarriage Causes:

  1. Abnormalities due to chromosomes
  2. Diabetes
  3. Thyroids
  4. Excessive stress
  5. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle
  6. Blood Clotting Disorders
  7. Bacterial Infections
  8. Structural abnormalities of cervix and uterus
  9. Consumption of drugs and toxins
  10. Obesity
What causes a miscarriage

Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage:

  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Wild apples
  • Crabs
  • Processed meat
  • Green tea & Caffeine

Prevention of miscarriage can be done as follows:

Miscarriage rate is much increased also because of chromosomal abnormalities. Age is a very vital factor as with age chromosomal aberrations occur very frequently due to which the embryo formed is usually not very healthy and leads to failure in implantation. But the best way to avoid any pregnancy related issue is to ensure that you stay healthy by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Few more key pointers to that might cause miscarriage and should be noted are:

  • Drinking and smoking is an absolute no as it impacts the growth of the embryo negatively. The same is applicable for caffeine as well.
  • Stress impacts the growth and development of the embryo by a large way and it is very important to keep calm and relax during pregnancy as stress might increase miscarriage chances.
  • Do not lift any heavy weights and make sure that you do not undertake any heavy physical activities that could stress you out and increase your miscarriage risks.
  • Obesity can impact the lifestyle and the capacity to carry a baby to term. Hence it is very important that you maintain a healthy weight. Try to stay away from the risk of any activities that could strain or harm the abdomen.
  • Drinking water is essential for the development of the growing fetus.
  • Once you know that you are pregnant make sure that you are eating healthy and taking supplements to ensure complete nutrition of the growing baby inside you.
  • It is good to follow the rites and rituals that are specific to your culture. But make sure that you are not harming the baby in any way.
  • Stay away from x-rays or any environment that can be infectious to you or the baby.
  • Elders in the family have a lot of experience and they are there to guide you during this crucial time. However, the best advice can be given only from your health care personnel.
  • Make sure you do all the required blood tests and take all the necessary medications and vaccines on time.
  • Consult your doctor if you feel any pain or have any bleeding. However minute the issue is, it is best to keep your doctor updated with all that happens.
  • Never take any medications without consulting your doctor as there might be ingredients in the medications that may be hazardous to you and your baby.

Support after Miscarriage

The grief of a miscarriage is no less than the loss of a child. It is very important that the couple support each other and understand that the loss of the pregnancy cannot be blamed on anyone. It is best to understand the cause of the miscarriage and make sure that the health of the mother is restored with proper food and emotional support. It is very important that the family members and the woman who suffered the miscarriage keep an open communication. Bottling up emotions is never good and can lead to depression.

Pregnancy is the best and yet the most difficult phase of a woman’s life. But be positive and try to bring yourself and your partner out from any depressing thoughts. Talk to your doctor. Discuss the possibilities of miscarriage treatment and try to find a way out of it so that your next pregnancy can be up to term, and you have a healthy happy baby smiling in your arms.

Happy Parenting!!!

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Miscarriage- Causes and Prevention

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