Is Morning Sickness Helpful For Your Baby

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Is Morning Sickness Helpful For Your Baby

You feel like being lazy in the morning? Want to sleep more? Feeling like vomiting? Don’t worry, I too had the same and yes, all these feelings are very normal during your early stage of pregnancy. During pregnancy, normally 80% of the women feel nausea. I too had a few like vomiting and nausea. I really felt like never to wake up from the bed and just stay there sleeping and being lazy and relaxed.

Is Morning Sickness Helpful For Your Baby - Mumma Kido Land

There are many symptoms of morning sickness out of which vomiting, and nausea is the most common among the pregnant ladies. But you don’t worry if you are also feeling the same. In fact, many people say that morning sickness is helpful for your baby. Wondering how it is helpful? Let us find out more!

What Causes Morning Sickness In You?

The reason behind your morning sickness is the rise in your hormones during your pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, that is in the first trimester, there is the sudden change of hormone in your body.

Do not go by the name, morning sickness is not necessarily that you feel in the morning only. You can feel nausea or vomiting at any time of the day.

The intensity of morning sickness also varies from person to person. Trust me, I had a very tough time tackling this morning sickness. Felt like never to wake up and become active. Hope you are also feeling the same.

Well, let us now have a look at few of the reasons that might cause morning sickness: –

What Causes Morning Sickness
  • The rise of HCG hormone: The main reason for morning sickness is the rise in hormone which is known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. It is released by the placenta in your body.
  • Stress: Mental stress can be another reason for your morning sickness.
  • The rise of Estrogen: Estrogen is another hormone that increases when you are pregnant and can be a dominant reason for your morning sickness.
  • Stomach issues: The digestive system becomes much sensitive while in the early days of pregnancy leaving you to have morning sickness. You might feel that whatever you are eating is not properly digested.
  • Strong smelling sensation: If you are pregnant now, you can easily correlate this reason for morning sickness. Due to the hormonal change in your body, you now get the increased sense of smell making difficult for few of you to even eat anything.  

Is Morning Sickness Good For Your Baby?

The answer to your query is “YES”. According to research, morning sickness is considered as a sign of a healthy pregnancy and is good for your baby. Also, it is said that women who suffer from morning sickness or nausea has comparatively less chance of miscarriage and gives birth to a healthy baby. Moreover, women who suffer from morning sickness also has a very less tendency of having premature babies. But, if you are still not having morning sickness it does not necessarily mean that your baby is not healthy, or you would have premature.  Every human body is different than the other.

Is Morning Sickness Good For Your Baby?

Will The Morning Sickness Be With You Throughout?

Morning sickness is normally the early signs of pregnancy. According to research, morning sickness starts around 6 weeks of your pregnancy and last till 12th to 14th weeks. However, this is not the thumb rule timeline. You can feel your morning sickness in terms of vomiting and nausea even as early as 6 weeks and can leave you much before your 14th week or it can be with you throughout your pregnancy.

How Can You Overcome Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness cannot be fully overcome. However, you can minimize it by maintaining cautiousness amongst yourself. If you feel that it is becoming difficult for you to manage and overcome morning sickness, you should always let your gynecologist know about your health queries to get tips of relief.

Here are a few of the practices which you can try. I too tried a few of them and it is affecting.

How to Stop Morning Sickness
  • Drink plenty of water and juice. In short, always remain hydrated
  • Remain stress-free
  • Have food in short intervals of time
  • Always have food that is full of nutrients
  • Avoid junk foods and hard drinks
  • Avoid warm and loud places
  • Proper rest and sleep is necessary
  • Avoid, unlike smells.
  • Lemon and ginger in the morning works as wonders as remedies to morning sickness
  • Breath fresh air. Make your room airy
  • Eat slowly
  • Avoid the foods that do not suit your taste buds.
  • Candies of peppermint or ginger flavor also help to overcome morning sickness

Things You Must Avoid During Morning Sickness:

Here are just a few of the practices that you can avoid during morning sickness.

  • Do not force yourself to foods that you may not like
  • Also, out of fear of vomiting, do not keep yourself starving
  • After having food, wait for some time and then lay down.

When To Seek Medical Attention?

seek-professional-medical-advice For Morning Sickness

Normally morning sickness does not require medical attention is maximum cases. But there are exceptions. It is always good to let your doctor know about your health. Check the below points to understand when you need the medical attention:

  • If your nausea or vomiting starts after 9 weeks of pregnancy, then it is of concern
  • If your nausea and vomiting prolong after 12-14 weeks of pregnancy.
  • While vomiting, if you see blood in it
  • If you feel dehydrated because of much vomiting
  • When you are feeling much weak because of nausea.

Now that you are aware of almost all the information on morning sickness, you need not worry much. It is very common in the early stages of pregnancy and is not much of a concern for your little one. So, do not worry and enjoy the best days. Take good care of yourself and stay relaxed and healthy.

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