5 Best Pregnancy Pillows

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5 Best Pregnancy Pillows & Best Sleeping Position In Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Hello, all the beautiful to-be-moms, hope you are enjoying your pregnancy and having all those beautiful feelings. But as your baby keeps growing, your night becomes very difficult. It becomes very restless during the night and feels exhausted with your fast-growing bump. This causes a sleepless night and sleeping on your back becomes a suffering. Whole night you keep turning left and right just to get into that comfortable position so that you can get a good night sleep. Well, which is why many women go for pregnancy pillow so that they get a sound sleep and get up next day with a smile.

Causes of Sleepless Nights

causes of sleepless nights

With all these changes in body and growing baby, sleeping well is not possible. It is always recommended to follow correct sleeping position during your pregnancy to avoid your back pain. Also, soft cuddling by your partner and by just keeping hands on your belly, while you are sleeping, lower down the stress level.


best position to sleep in pregnancy

Best Positions To sleep in the First Trimester

Many women have a habit of sleeping on their stomach but this is strictly a NO NO during your pregnancy – from the first trimester to the third trimester. While sleeping on your back is considered safe during the first trimester as your baby is very small and your bump has also not grown much. You can also try sleeping on your right or left side as long as you are feeling comfortable. Scientifically, sleeping on your left is considered beneficial as this position maximises blood flow and nutrients to the placenta.

Best Positions To sleep in the Second & Third Trimester

Starting from the fourth month you are not at all supposed to sleep on your back as sleeping on your back will put lots of pressure on your blood vessels. This will slow down the blood flow throughout your body and to the baby, making it difficult for you to breath, difficulty in digestion and blood pressure problems.

So its best recommended sleeping on your sides as it is considered the safe position for you and your baby. Even after trying all the positions doesn’t make you feel comfortable, so now its time to take on the pregnancy pillows.

5 Best Pregnancy Pillows

1. Coozly Cyan C Shaped Pregnancy Pillows With Cotton Zippered Covers – Rs. 1,999

Coozly Cyan C Shaped Pregnancy Pillows With Cotton Zippered Covers, Premium Lyte C7

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Made from premium high-quality Coozly HQ Fibres, this premium Coozly C shaped pregnancy pillow has been designed by maternity experts to contour your back and provide vertebrae and belly support. With its large size and adequate breadth, one end of the pillow can be used to nestle your head, while the other provides cushion support to your legs, back and lower belly. The Coozly C shaped Pregnancy Pillow is your perfect pregnancy companion.


“I bought this pillow during my 5th-month pregnancy, as we are supposed to sleep sideways. It’s very much comfortable as it gives support to the back. This is the best gift to pregnant ladies. I do fold them and use it during the daytime when reading books….”

2. Jaipur Linen U shaped Pregnancy Maternity Pillows with Cotton Zippered Covers – Rs. 1,880

Jaipur Linen U shaped Pregnancy Maternity Pillows with Cotton Zippered Covers-White

Rating: 5.0 Stars

U-Shaped pregnancy pillow has two contoured ‘Legs’ designed by doctors to help good resting for pregnant women. The speciality of this pillow is to keep your head, neck shoulder, hips and back aligned for proper joint positioning. This pillow helps you to lie on your left side without rolling over onto your back or tummy. Post pregnancy, it can also be used as a baby feeding pillow, pillow to protect the baby in bed. Anyone in the family can enjoy its comfort for lounging, reading, leg support, tv watching, etc.


“This product is super good. You feel so so comfortable and its a stress reliever sleeping in this pillow. I feel so relaxed. A must buy for all pregnant ladies out there.”

3. Dhawariya’s Ultra Soft Full Body Large Maternity Pillow – Rs. 790

Dhawariya's Ultra Soft Body Large Maternity Pillow 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

This soft full body pillow with ball fibre filling provides perfect support for your shoulders, hips, abdomen and back in bed. It fits the natural contours of the body and to keep the body in the right position while sleeping. Whether you are a side sleeper, front sleeper, or back sleeper, we offer a solution to provide the perfect comfort level that you have been looking for. Proper support is key in indulging into the relaxation you deserve as you and your day and our premium pillows are the only solutions. 


“It’s a very nice and very comfortable product and softness is very good quality. Awesome”

4. Get It Wedge Pregnancy Pillow with Quilted Cover – Rs. 599

Get It Wedge Pregnancy Pillow with Quilted Cover 

Rating: 4.3 Stars

It can be used in multiple ways, such as for back support, belly support, head support, leg support etc. It quickly restores to its original position after use and it’s durable and long-lasting. Gentle firm slope prevents lower back ache while sitting because of its shape and position. Highly portable, can be used at the office, while driving or at home. It is made of high-density foam and lightweight. It is washable quilted with 100 percent pure cotton outer cover. It can also be used while nursing.


“Lightweight and durable, lovely colour. It provides great support to my back, it is a perfect combination of comfort and Price as well with removable quilted cover to allow washing.”

5. Get It Double Wedge Pregnancy Pillow With Quilted Cover – Rs. 1099

Rating: 4.0 Stars


“I love this one. This has become the perfect companion for my pregnant belly and aching muscles. It helps to keep me on my side all night long as generally, I sleep on my back. Also, love the colour and the quilted design of the pillow. Very cute and attractive, Durable & Long Lasting.”

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