Teach Private Part Safety – Good Touch & Bad Touch

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Teach Private Part Safety - Good Touch & Bad Touch

Teach Private Part Safety

It is very important that your baby should know the importance of their body’s private parts and about good touch and bad touch. Let your baby be a boy or a girl, it is equally important for both the sex to know the importance of it. And yes, being a parent, it is your responsibility to teach them. You must be very well wondering as for how to introduce the topic with such small aged kids but understanding it from childhood is equally benefited and important.

The difference between a man and a woman is what kids start figuring out after the age of 3. You may also hear your kids say, “why her this part is different than mine” – specially boys think this way. Even my kid keeps me asking this kind of questions when he sees some small baby girl changing diaper. Don’t panic, this is very common. In fact, out of curiosity kids also prefer to show each other the difference. Hence, proper guidance of teaching the safety of the private parts is a must. Here are few ways in which you can very comfortably teach your baby about the safety precautions.

  • Start Early: The very first key point is that you need to teach your kids the importance at a very tender age. Obviously, the mental growth varies from babies to babies but the ideal age to do so is around 3 years of age. At this stage, they very well recognize the different body parts and can communicate very boldly.
  • Giggle Along And Then Start: It is undoubted a very important and serious topic to discuss but how to start it? Do not worry. Even I was very uncomfortable to start the conversation but once you make it lighter then it becomes much easier for you to discuss. Without your much likings, kids will learn different funny names of their private parts from both family and friends. Giggling along with them and then starting the conversation is the key to it. Go for it momma!
  • Keep Talking & Discussing: I am sure you must be sharing gossips with your little kiddo. In between your discussions you can make your baby understand the importance. You can make them learn private part safety by saying stories as well. This makes the situation very comfortable for you to teach them and for kids to learn it easily. Do not freak out, try to be calm and compose while discussing.
  • Teach The Importance To Keep It Protected: For a toddler, private parts safety are not much complex for them to understand. It is important so that our bodies function well and hence needs to be protected is all that your baby needs to know. Just give more emphasis on the importance to keep it protected.
  • Teach With Actions: It is very natural that humans understand much better when they see compared to just listening. So, try to teach them with few of the actions to safeguard and protect it. You can even show them videos which are specially meant for kids to learn about good touch and bad touch. Most importantly they need to learn to share with their parents if anything so happens with them and this needs to be taught on priority.
Good touch and bad touch

Teach Good Touch And Bad Touch

  1. Its NOT OKAY to let anyone touch your private part.
  2. Its NOT OKAY to touch anyone’s private part.
  3. Its NOT OKAY to someone let touch his or her own private part in front of you.
  4. Its NOT OKAY for someone to ask you to touch his or her private part.
  5. Its NOT OKAY if someone asks you to take off your clothes or take photos or videos with your clothes off.
  6. Its NOT OKAY if someone shows you photos and videos of people without clothes on.
  7. DO NOT let anyone touch  your lips, chest, between your legs and buttocks.
  8. When felt unsafe – Shout NO loudly, GO AWAY from that person & place, TELL someone trusted.
Kids Safety Bad Touch

Although the above ways gives you an idea to share the importance of teaching safety of private parts to your boy or your girl, there are a few more things that you need to teach them.

  1. Make your kid the habit of wearing underwear’s right from the early age. This to an extent help in exposing much since kids do not have that sense of decency at this age.
  2. Make them understand very well that they should share with their parents if anything odd happens with them.
  3. Make them feel that you are always with them when they need help in understanding and when it comes to their safety.
  4. If at any point in time, if they are uncomfortable they should readily move from that place and be with someone very close, either momma or papa.
  5. “No” is what they need to say and make sure it is been acted upon.
  6. As a parent, you need to make sure your baby is with the right company and is comfortable with whom they are with.
  7. Trust your kid than any others.

Happy Parenting!!!

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Teach Private Part Safety

Teach Private Part Safety – Good Touch & Bad Touch

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