Breaking Gender Stereotypes

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Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

In social psychology, a gender stereotype is a generalized belief or practice that a group of people or cultures categorized by gender. It is generally an expectation from men and women about particular work such as homemaking is for women and office for men. Stereotype even gives birth to prejudice.

But what has its relation with kids? Yes, it indeed has a deeper meaning to the future of our kiddos. It is seen that we unknowingly promote gender stereotypes like, for example: It is mostly seen that the boys are given toys such as cars and robots and girls with barbie dolls or makeup kits. This distinguishment of boys and girls right from their birth is going to be a huge problem for the society in the future. So, it is essential to break these gender stereotypes.

Pink is for Girls & Blue is for Boys:

No color is ever designated to any gender. We associate colors with Gender and feel it is funny and cool. But it is not! I do buy pink color stuffs or clothes for my boy. Let us stop associating colors with gender and let color be a color not some sign for the gender.

Cooking is for Girls:

It is fairly common in our house that our mother cooks food for us everyday. Make your son independent by teaching him how to cook. Your son must be able to cook all by himself and not be dependent on someone else, the same way we teach to our girls. 

Let Toys be Toys:

My son loves cookery set, barbie and also bikes and ironman. I let him play with all that. I never compel him to play only with bikes and ironman saying it’s for boys. Every toy is for playing and let them decide what they love the most! In fact, ladies too ride bikes nowadays and has outraged any gender discrimination. 

Give Freedom:

Do not stop your daughter from being a biker and mountaineer. If she likes then let her climb the mountain. Don’t tell her it is not for girls. Let your daughter feel the thrill just as your son.

Set Example:

Show your kids how men and women both are doing so well in home and career both. Show your boy how Sanjeev Kapoor and many more men are a famous chef. Similarly, show your girls how Kalpana chawla being a girl she was an astronaut. Encourage your kids to follow what they like and not think more on gender basis.

Ways to Break Gender Stereotype

  1. Try introducing all kinds of toys whether its a boy or a girl. A toy should be for kids. As no toy is named or made for a specific gender. Once we start gifting them every kind of toy, we will notice the change. They will learn to treat all in the same way. 
  2. Think before saying. Your words towards men and women shape your child’s mindset. Children at the age from 3 years to 10 years are very receptive. They grasp everything quickly. It is important to keep this in mind. They learn from you. Teach them how to respect everyone.
  3. Make friendly interactions with women from different fields. Let them talk to elderly women who know worldly affairs so that they learn how to maintain both- house and work.

Let your child chose what they wants to be. Be supportive enough & help your child to grow better in their field. Let them be free to choose their life. Be the wind beneath your daughter’s and son’s wings. 

Happy Parenting!!!

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