15 Manners Your Kid Should Know

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15 Manners Your Kid Should Know

15 Manners Your Kid Should Know

We all are aware that the first lessons for your kid are taught in the family and I completely abide by this saying. Kids learn from what they see in their surroundings and polite manners are one such prime quality which one should learn from their childhood. And thus, you need to teach your kids the right manners so that they grow up to be good well-mannered human beings.

If you have still not started teaching then, do not worry, it is never late. You can very well start right at this moment.  But before that, let us understand the importance of manners and etiquettes.

Why Is It Necessary To Teach Good Manners Right From Childhood?

As a parent, you possess the responsibility to teach your kid the right manners so that it helps your kid in future development.

  • Teaching the right manners to your kids shows your kids upbringing and how good your family culture is. And for that, you need to have a very well-mannered family so that your kid learns right from his daily routine at home.
  • With good manners, your kid is sure to become polite, pleasant and kind. So, start practicing. It will help your kid to be a good overall individual in life.
  • You should also correct your child on the spot when he/she is wrong so that your kid understands the value of it. Of course, you need to be polite and too harsh else it will hurt the sentiments of your kid.

It is also a naked truth that you, as a parent cannot always be focused to teach your kiddo on teaching the good etiquettes. In fact, me and my husband also at times forget that our baby is learning from us. But yes, we do regain ourselves in no time. Kids tend to be loud and rude at times, but if you go through these below fifteen tips on manners and etiquettes you are sure to raise a well-liked, kind and polite child.

1. Start Saying “Please” And “Thank You”:  This is one of the most common and basic manners that you need to teach your child. They should understand the importance of the two words.

I have already started teaching my lo with two magical words “Please” when requesting something from him and also “Thank you” when I take something. And lovingly, my son loves to hear all three and hence gives and takes things only to hear these two words. Helping them to practice from an early stage will make them remember fast.

2. Start saying “Sorry”: Another magical word is “Sorry”. Yes, teaching your kid to say “sorry” is also very important along with “Please” and “Thank You”.  They need to understand when to say sorry when they are wrong and the importance of accepting it.

3. Greet Others: It is very necessary to greet others especially our elders. This shows respect to them and will cheer up the other person when greeted with a smile.

4. Do not interrupt while talking: You need to teach your kid not to interrupt you when you are talking with another elder person unless it is in the emergency. Your kids should wait until you finish your talks.

5. Ask before you take: You need to teach your kid to ask the owner before taking the thing from them. Also, a better way to start is at home itself. And, in the same way, returning it back properly also needs to be taught.

6. Use of “Excuse Me”: Let your kids seek permission by saying “excuse me” if they need to interrupt or discuss at any point in time.

7. No talking with mouth full while eating: While talking, their mouth should not be full of food. It is not a sign of good manners.

8. Always knock doors: While entering any room, knocking the door is much important. Your kid can wait for a response after knocking.

9. Cover mouth: I remember one of the kids of my neighbor, sneezing and not covering his mouth. It is always required to cover your kid’s mouth while sneezing or coughing. Moreover, picking nose in public is also ill-mannered.

10. Right table manners: It is equally important for your kid to understand table manners such as eating food by taking small bites and not keeping mouth full with food. Also should not make sounds through the mouth while eating and much more.

mouth full of food

11. No teasing: It is mostly seen in kids that they tease their elders and friends by some nicknames. This should be taught to them to avoid as it is not a good manner.

12. Use of napkins: While eating, if anything is dropped or needs to be wiped, the use of napkins is a must. And kids should adhere to its usage.

13. Teach for Prayers: Praying before eating and bedtime prayers are a must. This will help your kids to have faith.

14. No hitting: Be it friend or just pets, hitting is surely an ill manner and must be taught to eradicate the behavior if any.

15. Keep eye contact: While communicating with others it is much necessary to keep eye contact with the person. This will surely help your kids grow their self-social confidence and healthy conversations.

Good manners and etiquettes are the basic elements and will undoubtedly make your children better human beings. When they know with the right behaviors and manners, they will easily find the difference in good and bad around them. So, start teaching your lessons to your kids right from their childhood.  

Happy Parenting!!!

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