10 Chores For Kids Can Help You With

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10 Chores For Kids Can Help You With

10 Chores For Kids Can Help You With

Being a mother, I firmly believe in childhood chores and I think it can help your children to build a strong character and lessen entitlement to get prepared for the real world. Just think how your ward will manage once they will grow up and move to school and college? These early lessons will help them to learn perseverance in their lives. If you are raising your child in a more sophisticated way, then do not let them take that for granted. There is a vital question asked by many parents, “Do our kids really need to do these chores?” Obviously, it is really difficult for the little toddlers to do a simple chore after a whole day. But this will bring discipline into their lives. It will teach them a lesson about responsibility, accountability, and community to achieve their goals in life. 

Before making some chores list, you need to think about those house works that your kids will love to do happily. But before that, I have made a checklist of things you need to keep in mind while handling your baby doing the chores.

  • Show your kid: Your kid will be doing the chores for the first time. So, do not expect that they will do the work perfectly on their first attempt. Show and explain to them how to complete the task that you want to be done.
  • Patience is the key! You have to be patient with them, no matter what. With my toddler, I cannot expect him not to mess things up while doing the chores. So always take time and patiently handle them with love.
  • Appreciate: Always appreciate your child for the hard work they did at the end of the work. I always do this and the next time I find that my boy is doing that same chore with much more enthusiasm and perfection. These also uplift their confidence and believe me it works every time!
  • Review: Maintain a review chart about their performance for the week. I do this and also based on the review chart, reward my boy by letting him watch his favorites for a few hours or let him enjoy his ice cream or I buy him his favorite toy and so on. 

So, with these ways to handle your kid, here are the best 10 ideas for your kids which you can assign your kids at an initial stage.

1. Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuuming is always been a funny task for all kids and they want to do it on their own. So, you must let your kids do that on a regular basis. The vacuum cleaner is often too heavy for your kids. But if you can equip them with a little hand-held and tell them to clear things like sofa, cushions or open floor masses, etc., nothing like that! You can shift to the full-size vacuum once they grow up and is strong enough to handle by themselves. My son loves to do it every day. Now he has begun to learn and use all the other features of our vacuum cleaner. 

2. Folding Away the Cloths:

This is the simplest job for your kids to do properly if you can teach them first. Let your kids put their dirty clothes to the laundry basket and fold the clean clothes themselves after wash. It will make them responsible and stop them to throw their clothes away on the floor.

how to teach kids to fold clothes

3. Table Setting:

This may be a little difficult for children below 3 years. Even my child loves to arrange the table for everyone before dinner with napkins, plates, water glass, and dinner mats.

4. Clear the Table:

It is not your everyday job to clean the table after having meals. Let your child do it and if they are too short to place the dishes into the sink, you can help them to reach it.

5. Sweeping and Dusting:

You can let your kids of around 5 years of age handle this job at least once in a week. You can be their partner in this chore.

6. Tidying up the Bedroom:

Kids are known to create a mess of books, toys, colors, and blocks while playing on their own. But you can assign them to clear their own things up and clean up their bedroom or playroom.

7. Car Wash:

You can let your kids wash your car once a week. It can be a fun activity as well as an important chore in their routine. But you should always keep an eye on them while they are washing.

8. Baby-sit Younger Siblings:

You can ask your elder son or daughter to babysit their little younger sibling for at least 30 minutes regularly. It will help them to develop their sense of responsibility towards family members and will create a strong sibling bond with each other. 

9. Water Plants:

Let your kids water the plants with a garden hose or a watering can. Just stay with them while they are doing this chore. It is better to avoid a garden hose if you have kids below age 3 to 4 years.

10. Shopping Groceries:

You can take your little one to grocery shopping. I always take my son along with me for doing the monthly groceries shopping and tell him to pick up the vegetables and fruits. If he picks anything unhealthy, I tell him to put it away and also explain to him why it is unhealthy to eat. In this way, you will encourage them to pick healthy food choices.

Apart from the above chores, you can also help them to do the following ones with the help of your supervision.

  • They can help you while preparing meals like by bringing vegetables to you from the refrigerator.
  • Putting away the groceries into their rightful place.
  • Hanging out the wet cloths to dry by putting on a cloth pin
  • Feeding the pets
  • Let them organize their study tables according to their routine
  • Wiping and drying out the clean dishes
  • Getting the mail from the mailbox

So, these are great ideas that will help to make your child self-dependant and responsible. But remember, kids won’t jump on their own to complete their chores. Sometimes they will cry also to avoid the work. But your main motto behind these chores is not to reduce the workload but to make sure our kids learn few life skills like job satisfaction, helping, responsibility, self-confidence and value of others.

Happy Parenting!!!

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