Understanding Baby Sleep

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Understanding baby Sleep

Understanding Baby Sleep

This is one of the most important phases of your baby’s life in which you need to understand the sleeping patterns of your baby. Well, congratulations that you have successfully gone through the stressful sleepless nights and is now ready to establish a sleeping pattern for your kid.  Today, I am going to tell you a few of ways in which you would easily understand your baby’s sleep.

1. Set hours of sleep: By now your baby is smart enough to understand the difference between day and night. On an average, your baby needs around 14 hours of sleep. Yes, of course, it differs from baby to baby. Around 4-5 months of your babies age, he can sleep for around ten hours at a stretch without feeding. However, many doctors prescribe to feed in an interval of 3 to 4 hours. But, I was not lucky though! My son used to wake up every 2 hours at night. During the daytime, babies usually of more than 6 months will sleep around 3 to 4 hours spread around 4 naps.

understanding baby sleep time

2. Set your babies routine:  Babies usually prefer being in a routine. If you have not yet set the bedtime for your baby, you better be ready. Being constant would also help you stay relaxed. But most importantly your baby will be set in a specific timing. My son used to sleep by 8.30pm and thereby I could prepare his bed and dinner before that.

3. Understand the signals of your baby: Your baby would make clear signs that he is tired and feel sleepy. Have a close watch to what baby signs when he or she is sleepy. Many of the babies become silent and lose interest in their toys. Some of them remain quiet, become calm or start staring off. My kiddo used to rub his eyes and would start yawning. This moment is undoubtedly priceless and precious. Understand your babies’ signals and help him calm the day’s tiredness.

4. Move on:  Many mothers do not like the idea of co-sleeping. This is usually when your baby is big enough to use a bassinet, say around the age of 10 months to one year. Most of the mothers feel tired the whole day being cheerful, responsive and seen constantly fighting to oneself to be with the baby 24/7. This way, the chances of depression is also high. So, you can easily make your baby sleep and then leave him or her in a separate room or in a crib beside you.

5. Train the night’s sleep: We, the adults too tend to wake up many a time at night. Then why not your babies? They wake up and may want you to cuddle and calm them to make them sleep. But here you need to take a step. You can let your baby self-soothe so that your kiddo can get himself back to sleep.

One of my friends tried not to soothe her crying baby and the amazing part is, her baby used to stop crying after some time and get back to sleep. You want to try the no tears method, that is not letting your baby cry or adapt to other habits like patting the back is all up to you with which you want to go with.

6. Cluster feeding: My son too wanted to cluster feed in the midnight. He did not wake up fully but becomes fussy as he needs milk. This is when I cluster feed him once at max and he is back to sleep again. Try it, maybe this will help you regularize the sleep patterns.

7. Separation anxiety: It is mostly seen that baby passes through separation anxiety. Your baby cannot afford to separate from you although he is tired and feeling sleepy. Just in the middle of the night, your baby wakes up and clutches on you. As a solution to this, try keeping a fluffy toy near him which he is fond of. This will help him ease the separation anxiety.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, here are few key pointers that you need to know to understand your baby’s sleep.

  • The baby’s position of sleep is much important. Try positioning your baby backward. This position helps in digestion and avoids the sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Make your baby wear comfortable clothes. The hands and feet should remain cool compared to the body heat. I prefer the night dress that is easily available.
  • Try to make your baby sleep in a darker environment. This would also help them understand the difference between day and night.
  • Do not always rely on the pacifiers to make your baby sleep. Frequent use of pacifiers may result in dental infections.
  • Also, try not to extend the night feeding sessions as this too can result in dental infections.
  • Many times, mothers run hearing the first sound of the baby when asleep. But it is better to wait and find out if the baby can soothe itself and get back to sleep.

Try these ways and I am sure you would be able to make your baby adapt to any of these habits. Get yourself a peaceful sleep for both baby and you. Not to forget that, you cannot train your baby in just one day. Have patience, your baby too would adapt to a sound sleep.  

Happy Parenting!!!

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