Navratri – Things You Can Teach Your Kids About This Festival

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Navratri - Things You Can Teach Your Child about This Festival

teach your kids about navratri

Momma, what is Navratri? Is it all about good food and beautiful dresses? Are we having a family get together this time too? Well, a barn of questions in the curious eyes of every kid! So lets see things you can teach your child about this festival.

Navratri, the sacred nine days marks the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. These days are celebrated among all the Hindus in the world and the festival is dedicated in the name of Goddess mother Durga. People celebrate this festival by playing Dandiya Raas using dandiya sticks and the best time for your kids too as they enjoy these nine days to the fullest.

The well-known story linked to this celebration is the battle between Maa Durga and Mahisasura, the win of the good over the evil. Each day is celebrated on different nine avatars of the Durga and has nine significant colors to represent each of them. Thus, it is imperative to educate our kids about the festival as well.

Here are some of the beautiful stories of the 9 avatars of Maa Durga and the Navratri colour list 2019 that you can narrate to your child about this Festival:

1. Shailputri: She is the personification of the combined power of Mahesh, Vishnu, and Brahma that gives strenght and courage and the first goddess to worship during Navratri. Shailputri simply means “Daughter of Mountains”

2. Brahmcharini: She is the second form of Maa Durga and we worship spiritual austerity and recognise our true nature. 

3. Chandraghanta: This form of the deity represents peace and prosperity and we pray her on 3rd day of Navratri. She has a moon in the shape of bell on her head hence the name Chandraghanta. She signifies bravery and has great strenght to fight against demons. 

4. Kushmunda: She is worshipped on 4th day of Navratri. She is the creator and mother of the universe.

5. Skandmata: She is the mother of the God Karthikeya or lord Skanda who was chief of God in the fight against evil.

6. Katyayani: She is the daughter of sage Katya and she is worshipped on 6th day. 

7. Kalratri: We worship this form of goddess Durga on 7th day of navratri. She is fearless and symbolises the destruction of evil. She is very similar to goddess kali who has messy hair, gloomy complexion, and a bold, fearless posture. 

8. Mahagauri: Intelligent, Calm & Peacefull. Mahagauri stands for a fresh start in life and a ray of hope. She turned black due to austerities in himalayas but later Lord Shiva washed her with water of Ganges and turned her extreme white and hence her name Mahagauri.

9. Siddhidatri: She is the Mother Goddess who blesses all the Gods, Saints, devotees and Yogis and has a supernatural healing powers. She corresponds to the perfection, enlightenment & exquisiteness of nature. She is the 9th form of Goddess Durga.

Navratri is celebrated twice every year in India. Once known as the Chaitra Navratri that falls in March or April and another one in October. You can observe fast for continuous nine days or just like many others for two days only. Some of the Navratri Food recipes that you can consume during this celebration are:

  1. Sabudana Khichdi
  2. Sabudana Kheer
  3. Kuttu Atta Ki Puri
  4. Shakarkandi Chaat
  5. Rajgira Puri
  6. Arbi Curry
  7. Vrat Kadhi
  8. Aloo Subzi
  9. Farali Pattice
  10. Sabudana Thaalipeeth

Dusshera- The festival of Firecrackers

It is mostly celebrated in north India on the final day of the Navratri. Dusshera is celebrated in the honor of the king Rama for his victorious glory over the ten-headed king of Lanka, Ravana. People there burnt down huge effigies of Ravana with lots of firecrackers.

Activities that you can teach your kids during Navratri

There are many Navratri activities and things your kids should know about Navratri. Try engaging them with these. I am sure they will love it!

Decoration Garba Pots:

Garba is a clay pot which is decorated and a diya is kept in it and then people play garba around it. Garba is a folk dance from Gujarat. You can ask your child to decorate this Garba pots and kids love doing painting, decorating and they enjoy it a lot.

Garba Pot Decoration Navratri

Navratri Dandias and Greeting Cards:

Decorate Dandiya In Navratri

Decorating dandiyas and making greeting cards for Navratri along with your toddler is one of the best Navratri decoration ideas. You can let your kid cover the dandiya sticks either with colorful laces or cloth. I constantly encourage my kid to draw personalized greeting cards that are later sent to all his friends.

Decorate your Toran:

Torans are an integral part of all Indian Festivals. You along with your child can make a toran out of flowers or any craft material in the house. They are mainly placed at the main entrance of the house. But if your child is very excited to prepare more, you can place them at the door of the other rooms also.

Decorate Toran in Navratri

Create your own DIY Golu Dolls:

My child waits impatiently for this event. It is amusing to make some figures along with my kiddo and having a great time. Let your child lead the way to make these dolls and decorate them according to their wishes.

Decorate Aarti/Puja Thali:

My child enjoys a lot to decorate puja thali. You just need to guide them by giving them proper decorating materials and colours. There are different ways to decorate puja/aarti thali using grains, dals, pulses, sprouts, flour, flowers, beads, etc.

Tell the story about Navratri:

Navratri Story For Kids

Kids do understand better when they see as well as listen both at a time, so you can make them see a short movie of Navratri stories on mobile or on TV. This way they will understand better.


Rangoli is another best Navratri decoration ideas that you can teach your kids during Navratri. You can outline the rangoli and train your child to fill the inside with colors or flowers.

Teaching Colors:

Each day of Navratri represents different colors. Make him wear clothes of that particular day color. Teach your child the significance of each color. 

Helping in the Preparation of Fasting Recipes:

Include your child while you are making Navratri Food recipes for your family. You can instruct them to place the plates on the table or bring out some vegetables to you. Always remember to engage them in everything you are doing.

Navratri food Recipes

Visit the Temple:

Visit temple with kids in Navratri

I always visit my nearest temple with my baby and let him wander the premises. Temple is the place where he has learned about the different Hindu Gods in our culture. You can also do the same to teach more values to your child.

Enjoy it with your family, kids and loved ones and teach your kids about this beautiful festival.

Happy Navratri!

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