Go Back To Work Or Stay At Home Post Baby

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Go Back To Work Or Stay At Home Post Baby?

Go back to work or stay at home_

We all go through this dilemma of resuming our work after pregnancy. Undoubtedly, being a mother is the best feeling in the world but at the same time, what about our own lives and ambitions? This is surely bothering you, isn’t it? Well, the answer to the question of whether to go back to work or stay at home post baby depends on many of the factors of your family and obliviously your priorities. Let us have a keen look at some of the factors which you should keep in the notice before taking a concrete decision.

1. Financial Status

Check Financial Status

The financial status of the family is one of the most common factors to justify your working back post your pregnancy. It is not a question that can be answered by a simple yes or no. Family support is a deciding factor in this situation. For a mother, nothing can surpass the importance of being with her child and providing the best care possible on every phase of a child’s growth. It is not an easy decision to make, something that I know all too well. Be it the decision to go back to work or the decision to take a hiatus from work many aspects need to be considered.

With the new responsibilities come new expenses. Hence, you need to prioritize the financial aspects of your family and your family support and intervention is surely needed to a greater extent.  

2. Child's Good Care & Security

Go Back To Work Or Stay At Home Post Baby?

Many mothers now go back to work after their maternity leaves. I am sure it is not an easy task to leave one’s little child in a creche or in the care of a relative mostly elderly members of the family. I have seen the pain and the longing of a mother to see her child. Many private workplaces now offer creche services within the office premises making it easy for working mothers to keep a watch on their child in between work hours.

So, if you want to rejoin or give your career a fresh start, you should possibly see how you can manage to give good care and security to your child. Let that be a good creche or your family member back at home, supporting your child. Also, if your child is above 3 years then you should make them learn about good touch and bad touch they should follow in your absence. First get your baby in a secured position and then resume happily.

The place I worked in had this facility, but I didn’t have the strength in me to leave my child even for an hour. My heart simply crushed as my child would cry looking at me with outstretched arms. I was not strong enough to brave this feel of deserting my child.

3. Career Priorities

career priorities

If you are a very career-oriented woman, then I bet, staying back at home after pregnancy is sure to kill you. In fact, many faces post-partum depressions where they feel like their careers have been hampered due to the daily chores and the sudden change in life. You should be able to clearly distinguish your career priorities over your child. You can always get back to work when you see yourself that your baby is in safe hands.

However, if you do not have such ecstatic career goals, then it is also better to stay back and enjoy the wonderful moments with your new baby.

For me, I started scouring for work from home options on the internet and was pleasantly surprised with the numerous options that I got. It was not just the existence of entrepreneurial opportunities, but various full-time jobs offered by many companies.

4. Your Emotions

Stay Strong Emotionally

After all, it is you who needs to be fit mentally as well as physically. Having a baby and managing stuff at home and in office, not a child’s play. One has surely to be calm and composed so that full concentrations can be given to the baby and to the work. And for this, it is much required that you remain emotionally and mentally strong.  

Hence, work according to your mind and emotions. Trust me, I could not simply join office after my maternity leaves and hence opted for freelance work which gave me to option to work as per the feasibility of my available time. Getting back to work no longer meant a compromise with providing the much-needed care for my child. I am sure as the years pass and my child starts off his school I can perhaps look at the possibility of getting back to full-time work again.

5. Remain Balanced

Stay Balanced

Even you start working post your pregnancy, you need to remain balanced. There can be days where you are on a telephonic meeting of office and your baby keeps on crying and throwing tantrums for some reasons. Yes, you need to remain balanced on these moments. Having a baby changes your life drastically and sooner your coup with the situation better for you.

If you ask any new mother if she wants to go back to work or stay at home, I am sure that the answer that will come from the depths of her heart is that she wants to stay at home and take good care of her child and enjoy those cute moments. Many have to leave their 6 to 7-month-old at home in the hands of parents or maids for different reasons. It may be absolutely heart wrenching for the mother but sometimes it turns out to be the best decision to be taken. 

For me too, I didn’t for once consider leaving my little one with someone else and going back to work. I felt that no one was simply fit enough to give the care and love that was needed in my absence. We all know that maternity leave does not span more than six months for any job be it in the private or the public sector. Hence, at times it becomes logical to quit and become a full-time mother and enjoy each and every experience of becoming a mother.

So do not worry, Discuss with your family, Listen to your heart and Take a wise decision whether you want to go back to work or stay at home post baby.

Happy Parenting!!!

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