Draw Penguin Easy Step By Step

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Draw Penguin Easy Step By Step

Draw Penguins Easy Step By Step

Hi mommies, today I am going to share a beautiful and very easy activity that you can make your toddler or kid do it themselves. I’ll show you how to draw a penguin easy step by step.

What you just need is:

  1. Plain Drawing Paper and
  2. Crayons/Pencil Color/Oil Pastels

That’s it. Cool right? Then let’s start.

Step 1.

Draw Penguin Easy Step 1

Draw a big eight on paper as shown in picture above.

Step 2.

Draw Penguin Step 2

Draw eyes, hands and tummy as shown in the picture.

Step 3.

Draw Penguin Easy Step 3

Color all the parts of penguin with black except eyes and tummy.

Step 4.

Now draw its beak and legs with brown color as shown.

Step 5.

Draw Penguin Easy Step 5

Color background with blue to show water or snow and your penguin is ready. 

I am sure your little one will enjoy doing this fun and easy activity of drawing penguin on his own.

Happy Parenting!!!

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