10 Best Quick and Easy Activities For Kids

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10 Best Quick and Easy Activities For Your Kids

I am sure you all are going to love doing this fun, quick & easy activities with your kids at home. It’s very important to spend time and play with your kids to help improve the bonding, love, care, and not least but they will also learn teamwork.

Here are 10 fun activities you can play:

1. Animal Handprints Activity:

Animal Handprints Activity

Make as many animals as you want or bring down the entire zoo at your home after doing this animal handprint fun activity. This activity is super fun for kids to do as they love and enjoy playing with colors. Put down their handprints on paper and then your part is to draw animals and give them a face so that your kids will learn to recognize animals.

2. Popsicle Number Counting Activity:

This is a super easy activity to do with your kids and make them learn counting numbers from 1 – 10. You can color the popsicle or even ask your kids to color them. Then stick small stones or buttons on sticks as shown in the image. You can also stick grains or dal or beans as well.

3. Simple Shape Activity:

Shape Activity

This activity will keep your little one super busy. This activity will make them learn different shapes and also help your child in the development of the brain and 5 motor skills. For this activity, you just need to cut down few shapes on cardboard or sponge and draw same shapes on a big chart paper or cardboard. Make your child match similar shapes.

4. Fishing Activity:

Fishing Activity For Kids

This is a very fun activity and also helps your child to increase his concentration power, helps to focus, improves eye and hand coordination, etc. All you need to do is take a stick and tie a thin rope to one of its ends. Take a magnet and tie it to the other end of the rope. Now for the fish, all you need to do is, either you can make fish out of cardboard, draw and color fish on it and stick a piece of magnet or a paperclip or you can make fish from an old piece of cloth. Now your child is all set for this activity.

5. Target Practice Activity:

Target Practice Activity For Kids

Target practicing activity is very simple to make, all you need is just a cardboard box and a few disposable cups or glass. Just hang it on the cardboard as shown in the picture. You can write numbers or alphabets or u can even color them all with the different color each. Ask your child to hit the glass which has number 3 or alphabet R or color Red. This way your child will practice targeting, improve focus, improve eye and hand coordination and much more.

6. Free Play:

Let your child be free in their own little world. Give them a big box and let them in with some colorful crayons or a pen. Kids remain engaged in this activity for a long time as they are set free to pen down their imagination, scribble as they want, draw unknown shapes. Kids love and enjoy doing this activity. And I am sure mummies are going to enjoy it too.

7. Stamp Painting:

Stamp Painting Activity For KIds

Stamp painting is another fun activity. You can use so many kinds of stuff for this activity – Apple, Capsicum, Leaf, sponge, lady finger and many many more. Just dip your stuff into your favorite color and ask your kid to stamp it on paper.

8. Color Sorting Activity:

Place different color bowls or glass and take different color buttons or beads or marbles or colored pebbles. Ask your child to sort all buttons and put it in the same color bowl. This will make your child learn colors as well as improve eye and hand coordination.

9. Sand Play:

In this activity, kids will learn to dig, pour, scoop, build shapes which in turn will improve their 5 motor skills, eye-hand coordination, physical development, etc. Later you can ask your kid to clean all the mess at the end, making them learn cleaning as well.

10. Float & Sink Activity:

Float & Sink activity is a fun science concept for kids. Fill a tray or bucket with water. Objects to use for this experiment can be key, stone, small plastic ball, popsicle stick, toy car, flower, and many more as per the availability at your home. That is, you then just have to ask your kid to put the objects one by one in the water and you make them understand the concept of float and sink.

Enjoy Activities!!!!!

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