How To Calm Your Crying Baby

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How To calm Your Crying Baby

how to Calm Your Crying baby

When you hear your babies cry for the first time, it is the most exciting sound in this world. It is a healthy sign that your little one has fully developed lungs and is working perfectly well. But as the days go by, it may quickly give you away for concern and frustration. A baby can cry for two to three hours a day and sometimes it seems the toughest job to calm them.

Figuring out the actual reason for crying is a big challenge, especially for new parents. Generally, there are some obvious reasons behind the crying of a baby when they are born. It is mainly due to the hunger, wet and dirty diapers or may be they are sleepy. And they will stop crying when this needs are addressed or simply by your touch or when they hear your voice. But, at other times, it is really important to figure out how to soothe and calm a crying baby.

Below are some tried and tested techniques which I have tried and experienced to pacify my child when he was in desperate need of comfort.

1. Get Moving

Sticking to the same place for long may be a cause of irritation for your baby. They have spent ten months inside a mom’s womb and have always felt your movement and heartbeat even when you were asleep. My son used to stop crying and he used to fall asleep just by walking him in my arms. You can also try soothing your baby in the following ways:

Rock Your Baby – You can place your baby in your arms, and swivel back and forth. Your movement can give them some relief. Since I had a C section, I used to rock my baby in a rocking chair or my husband used to do it for me.

Go for a Drive: A smooth motion of a car can give your fussy baby a great comfort to sleep tightly. But make sure you don’t make this an habit for your baby.

Lullaby: Offering some soothing and rhythmic music in a baby swing can be a better option for you to calm down your baby easily. I always used to sing lullaby along with swinging my baby.

Use Vibrations: It may sound ridiculous but vibrating motion of a washing machine or a dryer can be a magic trick for many frustrated and tired parents. Just place the baby in an infant seat and put it at the top of your washing machine. Hold on to the seat firmly so that it stays in place. My son always used to laugh whenever I had done it with him. Nowadays, vibrators and sounds are inbuilt along with the cradle.

Involve Your Husband: Dad is always a king when it comes to comforting a fussy baby. It is just because of their strong arms and broad shoulders; they can rock the baby quicker than you. Whenever my son used to cry his lungs out and I was fed up, my husband had always calmed him down just like that. I wondered how he managed?

2. Make Your Baby Comfortable

Your baby is habituated to live in a warm and cozy environment in your womb for around nine months. After that, they are suddenly welcomed to the outside world which is completely an alien to them. So, if you can recreate exactly such an environment for your baby, it can make him or her feel completely secure.

Wrap up in a Blanket: You can swaddle your baby with a lightweight blanket to calm them down. It will also help them to sleep longer without any break. My son always felt secure and welcoming by swaddling.

How to Swaddle A Baby

The Kangaroo Care Technique: Just undress your baby, put him against your naked skin directly and cover both of you with a soft blanket.  My son was a premature baby. I also used to breastfeed him in this position. It not only pacifies a crying baby but also helps preemies to gain proper weight. A lot of skin to skin is required for a newborn.

3. Bring on Some Noise

Right from the beginning in your womb, a baby can hear the rush of your blood, the pounding of your heart and the gurgling of your stomach clearly. That is why bringing on some noise can be a better option to divert their mind to quiet them down. There are other ways also for this like –

Turn ON your fan: The soft whirring sound of a moving fan is just like white noise to your fussy baby’s ears.

The “shush” Sound: Your shushing will replicate what they were used to hear in your womb before birth.

Consistent white noise sound: Recording sounds like beach waves, waterfalls, rainfalls, etc.

White noise soothing sound

4. Consider Some Health Issues

The discomfort of the stomach due to gas can make your baby fussy. There are three useful techniques you can try if you suspect your baby is crying due to gas pain.

gently rub your babys back
  1. Lay him down across your knees and gently rub his backside.
  2. Bicycle his legs by laying him on his back.
  3. Also, in India we give Gripe Water(Ayurvedic formulation) to babies to prevent them from gas problems. But always ask your doctor before giving anything to your baby.
  4. Change your diet – you can omit some strong food items from your diet like coffee, onions, egg, milk, cauliflower, cabbage, etc which can cause gas in your baby through breastfeeding.

5. Bring a Change in Their Cranky Mood

There are certain tricks through which I have always changed the cranky mood of my son into a happy one. They are:

Use a Pacifier: I had a discussion with my doctor about it and he said there is nothing wrong in giving your newborn baby a pacifier according to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). It will also help your baby to clear the concept of sucking. Later after few months you can stop giving them pacifiers. Most of the babies gave up pacifiers on their own after seven months.

Massage: Give your baby a massage to change their mood. My son always used to snore right after a good massage I gave him before bedtime.

Dim the Lights: Too much light can be a cause of stimulation to your baby’s nerves. So, dim your lights and turn on the soothing sound or music(lullaby) to make your baby asleep.

Change of Environment: Go take your baby for a walk outside for a while to calm him/her.

Room Temperature and Clothes: Babies cannot sleep in too hot or too cold rooms. So, make sure that your room temperature is normal. Hot and tight clothes also can be a cause of a fussy baby.

Check on Diaper: Always have a check on their diapers after every 2 hours to avoid diaper rash which is also a reason for babies to cry for a long time.

Handling a crying baby is the toughest job for a mother. But remember everything is new to them as they have just begun their journey in this world and everything can be overwhelming for them as well. So just be patient and enjoy your motherhood to the fullest!

Happy Parenting!!!

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