20 Tips For Travelling With Baby

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20 Tips For Travelling With Baby

20 Tips For Travelling With Baby

Travelling with your little sweetie pie can be full of fun, for you and for the baby as well. If you are traveling for the first time, I am sure, you must be worrying a lot but trust me things will not be tough if you follow the points mentioned below. The world becomes much smaller place and people becomes much friendly when anyone sees a baby with you. Your baby’s charm is sure to attract the people around you which in turn makes much easy for you.

Well, yes, you cannot spend your traveling as the way you used to do before your baby but definitely, it will be much more interesting and fun. You need to keep your baby entertaining and make sure that your baby enjoys the surroundings. For me too, my first travel was a tensed one, but it was really very sweet. So here are 20 tips for traveling with your baby that you need to make a checklist of:

Things To Carry Checklist While Travelling With Your Baby Or Kid:

1. Diapers, a must: Diapers are surely a must when you travel with your baby. However, it is not required that you carry dozens and dozens of diapers along with you. Take a few and rest you can surely buy to avoid the unnecessary weights.

2. Wipes: Along with diapers comes the wipes in mind to carry. Take a few extra as you need the wipes often to wipe the hands also.

3. Diaper rash cream: You never know, when your baby might get his rashes. This mainly happens due to the change in the weather. If you are traveling in a very hot and humid place, then you need to take the rash cream for sure.

4. Carry disposable bags: To throw the soiled diapers and clothes, few disposable bags are a must.

5. Feeding bottles: If you are formula feeding your baby, adequate feeding bottles is a must.

6. Extra nipples: It is always good to carry extra nipples so that even if one of them gets soiled or lost, you have the spare ones.

7. Formula milk: Formula milk is another important belonging which you need to carry. Well, I would suggest carrying a few extras as it happened to me. I feed my baby from one particular brand and that was not available in the city where I went. It caused me a lot of problems.

If you are travelling with your toddler or kid then carry finger foods(home made food) which will keep him or her full in travel.

8. Medicines: I would suggest you carry all the medicines of your baby. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, so keep it handy.

9. Important numbers: Carry the contact number of your baby’s pediatrician in case of emergency.

10. Toys: Although at this stage much of the toys are not much required as baby gets engaged with the surroundings, but it is better to carry few of your baby’s favorite toys.  And if you are with your toddler or kid then your little one will himself or herself will take his or her favorite toy along.

11. Extra solids: If your baby has started solids, do not forget to take extra spoons and forks along with extra tiffin box.

12. Extra clothes: My baby at times used to vomit and hence I prefer taking extra pair of clothes in my hand bag or diaper bag.

13. Baby carrier: Now that your baby has gained weight and is stable in terms of his back neck, then you can easily carry your baby in the baby carrier.

14. Potty seat: Yes, the potty seat is another very useful thing that you can carry with yourself if your baby is use to it and if possible because who are used to it, get very uncomfortable without it.

15. Washable bibs: The bibs are a boon while feeding while traveling as well as at home. Keep some extra ones!

16. First-aid kit: If you are travelling with a toddler or a kid then carrying a first-aid box(bandages and antiseptic creams) is a must as they tend to fall very often and get themselves hurt.

17. Caps or hats: Caps and hats will help your child from sun. 

18. Sunscreens: These are a must for your kids as they will surely not be under mumma’s shadow all the time. Their skin is very tender and hence sunscreen for kids are a must.

19. Baby Car Seat: Carrying a car seat and making your baby comfortable while traveling on a car for long distance is the safest way. This would ensure safety as well as comfort for your kid.

20. Sanitizers: While traveling it is very obvious that you cannot wash your hands very often. So, carrying a sanitizer is always a hygienic option.

You must be by now quite sure of what and how you need to pack your things while traveling with your baby with the help of above checklist.  Do not worry much, stay calm and keep enjoying. Happy vacations!

Happy Parenting!!!

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